Management Facilities
We offer advanced and specialized loading and unloading services without our customers having risk their own capital or human resources. During container loading and unloading, our lifts are totally compatible with each other, allowing for smooth loading and unloading. Also, we confidently offer numerous ideas for improving work efficiency, such asgmovable high level racks,hwhere the lifts can be freely moved anywhere to store large amounts of cargo.
Our well trained staffs operate on Shrink-wrapping for sensitive cargo. With the most advanced reliable packaging technique, we handle your valuable cargo.

Containers Sales
Cleaning/Maintenance,Lease Services Containers Sales, Cleaning/Maintenance, Lease Services we are very pleased to provide most suitable solution related to its package and its way of its transportation of your products and its raw materials according to your situation/requirements. In order to comply with such various requirements in the fine-chemical, petrochemical and food-beverage industries, we import/sell of ISO tank containers. And, we also make its leasing and its cleaning, maintenance under our own tank cleaning facilities.
¡ISO Container

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