We answer to its needs of all transportation.

Owned vehicle
 ●Tractors 142
 ●Container Semitrailers
  20FT chassis 145
  35FT chassis 167
  40FT chassis 44
  chassis for container 3
  Wings Semitrailers 5
 ●Tank Trailer
  Tank Trailer 2
  High Pressure Gas Trailers 8
 ●4〜15-Ton Wings Trucks 6
 ●Temperature Controlled Wings Trucks 4
 ●1〜15-Ton Flatbed Bodies 12
 ●Container Carrier 18
 ●Tank Trucks
  Tank Trucks 16
  Tank Trucks for High Pressure Gas 3
 ●Tank Containers
  ISO Tank Containers (Teflon Lined) 230
  ISO Tank Containers (Reefer) 283
  JR Tank Containers (Teflon Lined) 3
 ●Portable Tank (Teflon Lined) 24
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